I forgot these from my A2



The Wedding Photographer

Since about 2013 I have shot weddings. I do this with a local wedding photographer who,for some reason, allowed me to shoot weddings with him. I’ve now been doing this for coming up 3 years which is weird because it’s gone so fast and I still love doing it. Many of the images I’ve never showed anyone but I want them on here so I can look back at, hopefully, improvement in my photography. I want to post my favourite images from each wedding and I’ll do this in a series of posts. I’m very critical of my images so some posts may contain two weddings so there’s more images.I don’t think I have images from every single wedding I have shot but I’ll start with the earliest one I have and work my way forward until the present. Also please bare in mind that I’m a second photographer, I take ‘filler’ shots, hence they’ll be lots of flowers and table layout shots.IMG_8926









I want to ask for help

In my A2 photography I am trying to make photos look like paintings. To do this I am painting my self and painting a background to go with it. I am then taking a photo to make it look as though I had been painted in. I have recently used photoshop on my images to try and enhance this effect. If anyone could suggest any way I could further develop these images that would be of much help. Just throw some ideas at me😊

Here are my images…

 I wasn’t happy with the hair on the image above so I re edited it to look better..

Any comments are welcome..